Ray has a gentle style but he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. ~M.H.


I felt safe with Ray. I could relax and be myself. ~ G.F.


Ray listened well but he didn’t put up with chit chat. He kept bringing me back to what was important; often to things I’d rather avoid. ~ D.M.


I had a hard time making a decision. There was so much noise in my head.; so many feelings demanding attention. Ray helped me take charge of my feelings and create a calm space inside me where I could clearly see and weigh my options. ~ F.L.

Ray was able to create a balance between focusing small and focusing big. When we focused on the big picture – all the people and events which have influenced me – I didn’t feel so personally responsible for everything. I didn’t feel like it was all my fault.
~ B.G.

Somewhere between my adult son and my husband, I lost myself. Ray helped me find ME again; helped me understand that I couldn’t care for anyone else until I learned to care for myself first.
~ M.S.


After retiring and getting my pension I started drinking heavily and sliding into despair. Ray helped me stop stop drinking. Even more importantly he helped me get curious and enthusiastic about life again. ~ D.G.

There is no going back when we are stuck with ‘concerns and worries’.
The solution is going through these; opening the door and crossing the threshold into a
deeper, richer relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

And Green Door Counselling is here to help you.

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