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Meet Ray Freed – Green Door Counselling Prior to going into private practice in 2012, I was employed (22 years) as a chemical addictions counselor with West Coast Alternatives in North Vancouver. In that capacity my colleagues and I also worked with other addictions (gambling, sex, food, technological) and the deep personal and relationship issues which lie beneath all addictive behaviours. The family name ‘Freed’ means ‘ peace’ in Swedish. None violent words and actions woven into the fabric of community life produced a pattern of mutual care and social responsibility.

General Counselling: Although treating addiction is the core of my practice, I also work with adults of all ages who are struggling with personal and relationship issues. Learn More About Ray »


Struggling with an Addiction to Alcohol or drugs? Want another drink? Another toke? Another pill? Will that give you what you want? Will that bring you lasting relief from stress, the pain of loss, disappointment, failure, boredom and all the other dips and dead ends in life? There are other options and ways to regain control of your life … Learn how to take back your life with Green Door Counselling »


Has your luck run out? How much do you have to lose before YOU start choosing to win. You can choose that now. Learn How with Green Door Couselling »


The driver next to you at the intersection, hunched over, looking down. Falling asleep? checking his to do list? No, he’s cruising porn sites on his smart phone. It can come to this, But it doesn’t have to STAY like this. Learn how to take back your life »


Whatever happened to the real world? Remember family dinners without texting? A walk in the park without cell phone chatter? Do you occupy cyber space or does it occupy you? Take control. Get real. Now »
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